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Summer Drink: Refreshing Watermelon Juice for Weight Loss | Vibrant Varsha

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Watermelon is a perfect fruit for juicing. Watermelon juice that’s refreshing, naturally sweet, and satisfying. It is a perfect beverage on a hot day.

Watermelon is one of the best thirst quenchers and can be an instant remedy to treat sunstroke & heat during summer. It has a moisture content of up to 92% so it can instantly hydrate us.

Benefits of Watermelon Juice:

  • Healthy

  • Refreshing and Hydrating

  • Gives instant relief from the scorching heat

  • Fuss-free and effortless

It’s healthy, delicious, and super easy to make. Here is how to make watermelon juice.

Recipe for Watermelon Juice:


  • 2 cups Watermelon cubes

  • ½ Lemon

  • ¼ tsp Chaat masala (optional)

  • Few Ice cubes

  • 1 teaspoon soaked Chia Seeds

  • 2-3 Lemon slices

How to Make Watermelon Juice?

  1. Add 2 cups watermelon cubes in a blender

  2. Squeeze ½ lemon

  3. Add ¼ teaspoon Chaat masala & ice cubes

  4. Blend it until smooth & frothy

  5. Use the strainer to get rid of seeds/pulp (if any)

  6. Add 1 teaspoon soaked Chia Seeds & 2-3 lemon slices in the serving glass

  7. Pour the juice into the serving glass

  8. Top with some watermelon pieces / black salt

Refreshing watermelon juice is ready. Enjoy it fresh!

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