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Intermittent Fasting: How It Works? Weight Loss & Fat Loss Technique

Intermittent fasting is a very popular weight-loss method, but its benefits extend beyond that. It can help you live a longer and all-around healthier life too, according to the studies.

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. There are many different types of intermittent fasting, such as the 16:8, 5:2, Eat-Stop-Eat, Alternate-Day Fasting, and the Warrior Diet methods.

Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting:

  • Help lose weight & fat

  • Beneficial for heart health

  • Can reduce insulin resistance and lower blood sugar levels

  • Reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body

  • May extend your lifespan, helping you live longer

Eat high-fiber foods, such as nuts, beans, fruits, and vegetables, and high protein foods, including meat, fish, tofu, or nuts, during your eating window.

Drink lots of water. People tend to think they're hungry when they are really just thirsty.

Go for black coffee or tea, or cinnamon or herbal teas. These beverages may have appetite-suppressing effects.

Note: If you decide to try intermittent fasting, keep in mind that diet quality is crucial. It’s not possible to binge on junk foods during the eating periods and expect to lose weight and boost your health.

More videos on Intermittent Fasting (IF):

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